------- कल के उत्तम भविष्य के लिये आज बिजली बचायें ------- उपकरणों के उपभोग के बाद तुरन्त बन्द कर दें ------- आग लगे भवन की बिजली तुरन्त बन्द कर दें ------- अधिक क्षमता वाले बल्बों के स्थान पर कम क्षमता वाले बल्बों का उपयोग करें ------- कम्पैक्ट -चंतंयलोरेसेन्ट लैम्प का उपयोग करें ------- जीवन्त अधिस्ठापन पर कदापि कार्य न करें बल्कि अधिस्ठापन की बिजली बन्द करके ही कार्य करें ------- एयर कन्डीसनर का कम से कम उपयोग करें
परिशिष्टि- 4.1
NO. 1135 EL/XXIII-PB94 ELA/58.
Dated : Lucknw, May 11,1967,
AS AMENDED UP TO 17-11-1999

The following conditions, whch are prescribed by the Govrnment of Uttar Pradesh for the grant of licences to the Elcectrical Contractors for the purpose of rule 45 of th Indian Electricity Rules, 1956, are published for general information in supersession of all previous notification on the subject. These conditions shall aply to the whole of Uttar Pradesh and shall come into force with effect from the date of publication of this notification in Uttar Pradesh Gazett.


These conditions regulate the issue and renewal of licences to electrical contractors, in pursuance of provisions of rule 45 of the Indian Electricity Rules, 1956, for execution of electrical Installation works.
There shall be two classes of licences, “A” and “B”, which shall be granted by the Electrical Inspector to Government, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow in the form specified in Appendix-I.
A Contractor holding “A” class licence can carry out electrical installation works throughout the State. A contractor holding “B” class licence can carry out electrical installation works (except high or extra high voltage installations) within the district in which the main office or the workshop of the contractor is declated to be located as well as in other districts, the boundaties of which touch the said district.


The minimum requirement of stock and staff etc. for each class of licence shall be;




Tools & appliances.


Wiring material and accessories worth Rupees 1,00,000=00.

One Supervisor holding a certificate of competency and two wireman holding permits issued by the Electrical Inspector to Govt. Uttar Pradesh. If the work is undertaken simultaneously in more than one district an additional permit holder Wireman shall be employed for each district.

Meggar 500 volts, Portable double range Voltmeter suitable for Voltage for 0-650 Volts A.C./D.C. and earth tester.


Wiring material and accessories worth Rupees. 50,000=00

One Supervisior holding a certificate of competency and one wireman holding a permit issued by the Electrical Inspector to Govt., Uttar Pradesh when the work is confined to the district where the main office or workshop is situated. If work is simultaneously undertaken in the adjoining districts the boundaries of which touch his district one additional permit holder wireman shall be employed for each district.

Meggar-500 Volts.

Only those materials and accessories which conform to the Indian Standard Specifications wherever these exist or in their absence such materials as are approved by the Electrical Inspector to Govt., Uttar Pradesh,for the purpose, shall be taken into account for valuation of the stock.
If the contractor himself holds a certificate of competency, he need not employ a Supervisor if he can himself directly supervise the work. He must, however, employs required number of permit – holder wireman / wiremen to do the work even if he himself holds a wireman's permit.
The Electrical Inspector to Government, Uttar Pradesh may grant relaxation in respect of requirements of testing instruments, except meggar in suitable cases.
मुख्य विद्युत निरीक्षक, उत्तर प्रदेश शासन, लखनऊ के परिपत्र संख्या 1298 ला0अनु0/दो-18, दिनांक 04-07-1986 के अंतर्गत ‘‘क’’ श्रेणी विद्युत ठेकेदारी लाइसेंस प्रदान करने/नवीकरण किये जाने हेतु उपरोक्त विवरण के वोल्टमीटर तथा अमीटर के स्थान पर निम्नलिखित विवरण के पोर्टेबुल सेट्स भी मान्य होंगें:- होंगें:-
सेट नं0-1
1- पोर्टेबुल वोल्ट मीटर, ए0सी/डी0सी0, डबल रेंज,0-600 वोल्ट।
2- पोर्टेबुल अमीटर, ए0सी0/डी0सी0, डबल रेंज, 0-50 एम्पियर।
सेट नं0-2

1-पोर्टेबुल मल्टी मीटर, ए0सी/डी0सी0, मल्टी रेंज,0-1000 वोल्ट।
2-पोर्टेबुल अमीटर, ए0सी0/डी0सी0, डबल रेंज, 0-50 एम्पियर।

सेट नं0-3

1- पोर्टेबुल टांगटेस्टर, मल्टी रेंज, 0-600 वोल्ट -(ए0सी0)
2- पोर्टेबुल वोल्ट मीटर, ए0सी/डी0सी0, सिंगल रेंज,0-600 वोल्ट।
3- पोर्टेबुल अमीटर, ए0सी0/डी0सी0, सिंगल रेंज, 0-50 एम्पियर।


Any persons or company registered under the Companies Act, 1956, may be granted a licence under these conditions. The licence Shall not, however, be granted to :-

A person holding a certificate of competency or a wirman's permit issued by the Electrical Inspector to Govt., Uttar Pradesh, who is in the employment of an Electrical Contractor, Govt. Department, a lacal authority, any educational or technical institution, any other person or company unless he undertakes to leave the service of his employer and work independently.

A person or company whose licence was cancelled under these conditions within three years of the date of his application for a new licence. Provivided that if in the opinion of the Electrical Inspector to Government, Uttar Pradesh the reasons for the cancellation of the licence were technical and not serious, he may in his discretion grant a fresh licence after the applicant pays an additional fee of Rs. 50-00


An application for the grant of licence shall be made to the Electrical Inspector to Government, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, in the form prescribed in Appendix II.


A Licence shall be granted by the Electrical Inspector after satisfying himself by inspection, carried out by him or by his representative that the requisites under these conditions are being fulfilled. If, however, inspection is not possible within one month of the receipt of an application, the Electrcal Inspector may in his discretion issue on receipt of licence fee a provisional licence which shall be subsequently confirmed or cancelled as the case may be on the result of the inspection.


Application for change of licence from “B” class may be made during the currency of a licence of payment of the prescribed fee for inspection. If inspection is not possible within 15 days of the receipt of the application, the Electrical Inspector may at his discretion, issue a provisional “A” class licence, which will be subsequently confirmed or cancelled, as the case may be, on the result of the inspection. No separate inspection fee shall, however, be chargeable for converting a “B” class licence into “A” class licence if this is done at the time of annual renewal of th licence or if an “A” class licence is got changed to “B” class during its currency.


Stock of material, testing instruments and the register of contracts and staff etc. of all licenced contractors shall be inspected by the Electrical Inspector or his representative annually after the 31 st of October during the currency of a licence. The date of inspection shall be duly notifiex to the contractor at least 15 days in advance. The reach the Electrical Inspector's Office latest by the last day of September each year, failing which, the inspection may be carried out on payment of the prescribed late fee, provided that the treasury challn on account of the annual inspection fee together with late fee reaches the Electrical Inspector's Office by 15 th November, otherwise no annual inspection shall be carried out and the licence shall not be renewed after its expiry.

Besides th annual inpection, the Electrical Inspector or his representative may mak inspections at any time as and when necessary in the public interest. No fee for such inspection shall be charged but fee will be chargeable for subsequent inspection that may be found necessary for checking of the compliance of the defects noticed in the earlier inspection.


The contractor shall give all information rquird by th inspecting officer.


Every licence shall be renewable annually. Failure to renew a licence shall render it invalid and full fee for the issu of a new licence shall be charged. Subject to sub condition (i), application for renewal together with the licence and treasury challan showing that the requisite renewal fee has been deposited shall be submitted to the Electrical Inspector at least 20 days before the date of expiry of the licence. If any contractor fails to do so, his application for renewal may be entertained by the Electrical Inspector on payment of the prescribed late fee in addition to the renewal fee, provided the application, licence and the treasury challan are received in his office within 30 days of the date of expiry of the licence.

10. FEES.
The following fees shall be levied under these conditions :-

Fee for inspection of contractor's premises etc. whether initial, subsequent, annual or at the request of the contractor. Rs. 150=00

Licence fee Rs. 750=00
Renewal fee Rs. 225=00
Late fees Rs. 75=00
Fee for settlement of dispute Rs. 30=00
Fee for making appeal Rs. 10=00
Fee for duplicate copy of licence. Rs. 75=00
Fee for change of name or address of shop/workshop. Rs. 100=00

Note :- All fees shall be paid in advance. It shall be deposited in the State Bank of India, or in a Govt. treasury where there is no branch of the State Bank of India, under th head :-

‘‘0043-विद्युत कर तथा शुल्क,
102-भारतीय विद्युत नियमावली के अंतर्गत फीस’’

Forms with heads of accounts printed thereon, which are to be utilized for making the deposit can be obtained from th office of the Electrical Inspector to Govt. Uttar Pradesh Lucknow, Zonal offices of the Asst. Electrcal Inspectors, Electricity supply undertakings, Collectorates or the offices of the Uttar Pradesh State Electricity Board. No refund will ordinarily be allowed but Govt. may relax this provision in individual cases where considered necessary.


राज्य सरकार सार्वजनिक हित में या किसी विशेष परिस्थिति में उक्त शर्तों का उस सीमा तक, उस अवधि कि लिये तथा अन्य शर्तों के अधीन जैसा कि वह उपयुक्त समझा, शिथलीकरण कर सकती है।

The contractor shall submit the following returns and information to the Electrical Inspector to Government, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow :-


Returns twice a year in the form specified in Appendix II on or before the 15 th July and 15 th January each year.

Before starting any electrical installation work, entry will be made date wise in a register, which will be maintained in the form givn in Appendix IV. This register will be kept upto date and produced for inspection whenever requird by the Electrical Inspector or his representative.

Information regarding any change which occurs in the staff, within a fortnight of the date from which the change takes place.

The entire wiring staff excluding helpers shall consist of bonafide certificatd and full time employees but a contractor may engage apprentices for training purposes. The total number of apprentices employed at any time shall not exceed the number of wiremen and supervisors employed at that time. The contractor shall not permit such apprentices to carry out any electrical installation work including additions, alteration, repairs and adjustments to existing installations except under the direct supervision of a person holding a certificate of competency and under the direct guidance of a wireman holding a permit issued by the Electrical Inspector to Government.

The contractor shall maintain a register giving information about the employment of supervisor / supervisors, wireman / wiremen and apprentices which shall be put up before the inspecting officer at the time of inspection. The register maintained by th contractor for th purpose of rule 13 of the Shop and Commercial Establishment Act will serve the purpose of this condition. A person whose name is not entered in such register, shall not be considered to be the bonafide employee on the contractor's wiring staff.
Every contrac for electrical installation work undertaken by the contractor shall be in writing in the form specified in Appendix V. It shall be open to inspection by the Electrical Inspector or his representative.



The contractor shall be personally responsible for the quality of all materials used and for the work carried out by his employees. If the work is found to be defective by the electricity supplier on testing the installation before giving supply, the contractor shll be responsible for removing or rectifying the defect, but in case of disagreement, the matter may be referred by the contractor or the electricity supplier to the Electrcal Inspector to Govt. , Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, whose decision shall be final and binding.


In case of any distpute between any contractor and his customer regarding fulfillment of the contract, the matter, may be referred by either party on payment of the prescribed fee as also the amount under dispute, if any, to the Electrical Inspector to Govt., Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow whose decision shall be final and binding.

A licence granted under these conditions may be cancelled in the following circumstances :-

If breach of any condition is committed.

If the contractor is found to execute an electrical installation work through unlicenced wireman or found to employ more number of apprentices than permitted under these conditions or is found not to have got the work carried out under the direct supervision of a person holding a certificate of competency.

If the contractor fails to keep the testing instruments in order.

If the contractor is found to have carried out works which were defective and nor in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Electricty Rules, 1956, and the Indian Standard Code of practice for electrical wiring and fittings in buildings.

If it is found that the contractor is not carrying out electrical installation work satisfactorily.

If the contactor signs and submits to the electricity supplier, completion certificates of works which have not actually been done by his own staff.

If the financial position of the contractor has become such that he is unable to carry out his obligatons under these conditions.

If the contractor has knowingly furnished wrong information to the Electrical Inspector to Govt., Uttar Pradesh.

NOTE :- The licence shall however not be cancelled unless the contractor has ben given a reasonable opportunity to show cause may be suspended at the discretion of the Electrical Inspector, during th pendency of enquiry. Where a cause for the cancellation of the licence is made ou, th Electrical Inspector may instead of canceling the licence impose a fine not exceeding Rs.50/-. Every order made by the Elcetrical Inspector shall be subject to revision by th Governor on payment of prescribed fee. An application for revision will be made within 90 days from the date of the order appealed against.
A duplicat copy of the licence will be issud on payment of the prescribed fee and on furnishing proof of the loss, damage etc. of the original licence. Application for the purpose shall be made in Appendix VI.
On completion of the electrical installation work the same shall be tested and completion certificate shall be issued by the contractor only in respect of such works which have been actually carried out by his wireman under the supervision of his supervisors and the test result shall be recorded on the form.

कार्यपूरक प्रमाण पत्र का निर्धारित प्रपत्र अधिसूचना के संलग्नक-1 के अनुसार होगा, जिसे ठेकेदार द्वारा टाइप किये हुये अथवा छपे हुये रुप में प्रयोग किया जा सकता है लेकिन कार्यपूरक प्रमाण-पत्र पर ठेकेदार यह भी प्रमाणक अकितंत करेगे कि उक्त कार्यपूरक प्रमाण-पत्र विहित प्रारूप में है।

प्रत्येक माह निर्गत किये गये कार्यपूरक प्रमाण-पत्रों की एक प्रति ठेकेदार द्वारा सम्बन्धित सहायक निदेशक, जोन के कार्यालय में जमा की जायेगी।
इसके साथ ही:-
सहायक निदेशक जोन के कार्यालय में प्राप्त हुये कार्यपूरक प्रमाण-पत्रों की प्रति 10 वर्ष तक संरक्षित रखी जायेगी।
ठेकेदार भी भेजे गये कार्यपूरक प्रमाण-पत्रों की प्रति अपने पास सुरक्षित रखेगा ताकि निरीक्षण के समय तथा विसंगति के मामलों में दोनों प्रतियों का मिलान किया जा सके।


The licence is neither transferable nor inheritable. In case of any chang in the ownership or partnership of the firm at any time for any reason whatsever, the licence shall stand cancelled from the date of the change.


Electrical contractors holding licences valid in othe States may be allowed under special circumstances, to carry out specified work or works in this State. A temporary licence will be issued to them for the case of such contractors the Electrical Inspector may relax so much of these conditions as may appear justifiable, but no relaxation in the matter of payment of fees shall be made without the orders of Government.


Copies of the printed conditions may be obtained from the Superintendent, Printing and Stationery, Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad or Director, Electrical Safety, U.P. Government, Lucknow on payment of prescribed fee.

The contractor licenced under thse conditions shall intimate to the Director, Electrical Safety along with his licence for any change in lacation of his shop / workshop within one week of such change. In case the shop is transrerred to place outside the district, then the licence shall stand cancelled from the date of such change.
The contractor shall intimat the Director, Eletrical Safety U.P Government, Lucknow regarding any change in the name of his firm / company or cooperative unit during the validity of the licence within one week of such change. Original licence, receipted copy of the treasury challan in support of the payment of the fee prescribed for recording the change in name and an affidavit to the effect that there has no change of any kind in the proprietorship or partnership or constitution of the firm / company / unit shall be submitted alongwith.
By order of the Governor,
S.P. Bhatnagar
Vidyut Sachiv.